Electric Lifting Hoists

Electric hoists are an efficient and simple way of lifting and transporting products. The benefits of using an electric hoist include:

High Load Capacity

The combined hoist and trolley capacity of electric hoists is often high, which means you can transport a variety of loads with ease.

Cost Effective

Using an electric hoist allows you to save on manpower, thanks to the hoist’s ability to carry heavy loads quickly and safely. This means that the manpower can be focused on other tasks while the hoists takes care of heavy loads.

Less Noise

Unlike its hydraulic and manual counterparts, an electric hoists is relatively quiet thanks to the internal silencers that are often included – this means there is greatly reduced risk of discomfort or distraction when the hoist is in use.


Electric hoists are very durable and resilient, even more so when you couple their durability with regular maintenance and inspections.
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