Our Case Studies


Electric Hoist

August 2016

The lifting of 40kg steel boiler components from a pallet to an assembly jig manually in a restrictive and busy work cell was creating manual handling and safety problems for the client. H & S Lifting came up with a solution to lift the boiler components with an electric hoist with an in-line control feature, allowing the operator to use one hand to raise and lower the product and the other to guide the component to an assembly jig. The electric hoist was supported from an overhead aluminium crane system, allowing for free and easy movement of the products within the working cell. This solution has now eliminated the manual handling and safety concerns, and improved productivity at the same time.


Box Lifter (Vac Lift)

August 2016

As the client was manually lifting various box/carton types weighing up to 25kg and to a height of 2.1m in a fast and busy warehouse, it was necessary to provide a solution to assist the operatives and reduce manual handling.

H & S Lifting carried out extensive testing and came up with a solution to lift the boxes in a safe and controlled manner with minimal effort. Lifting the boxes from a conveyor and onto various pallets along a 16m walkway, using a vacuum lifting system with a specially designed suction pad to vacuum-grip the boxes' tops and sides for a safe lift. The vacuum lifter was supported from an overhead aluminium crane system and cantilever arm supports, minimising floor space and allowing easy movement of the boxes along the 16m walkway. The operators now have a solution that eliminates manual handling of the boxes and reduces risk of injury and product damage.


Vac Lift

April 2016

One of H & S Lifting's clients had a logistics and manual handling problem within their warehouse process. Our client needed to lift boxes of all shapes and sizes, from 25kg to 150kg from a conveyor and place on to pallets ready for distribution. H & S Lifting provided our vacuum lifting system with a specially designed suction pad assembly that allowed our client to lift all the boxes by a single operator, solving the manual handling and health and safety concerns our client had. The vacuum lifter is supported by a 4m aluminium swing jib crane with adjustable jib stops, allowing our client to reach all necessary lifting locations and prevent any possible collision points with other equipment in this busy area of the warehouse facility.


1 Tonne Heist

March 2016

H & S Lifting solved the manual handling and safety issues for one of our clients by providing a 7m monorail with electric hoist with a 1000kg SWL rating. Our client needed to lift maintenance machinery from ground level and up to a mezzanine floor area in a very restrictive environment. The product, weighing up to 750kg, had to be lifted 7m to allow the maintenance personnel to carry out the necessary maintenance in a very busy and productive manufacturing facility. The monorail system was designed to fit within the working area and provide the perfect solution for our client, who now has total control of all maintenance machinery within the mezzanine area.


Aluminium Crane

Feb 2016

H & S Lifting recently installed a 12m x 4m Aluminium overhead crane system supported from floor mounted support pillars. The purpose was to allow our client to support a hydraulic riveting gun to the overhead crane system and reach all parts of their products with ease. The riveting gun weighs 50kg, so a spring balancer and overhead crane were needed to improve the manufacturing process and increase productivity for our client. H & S Lifting carried out all design, installation and servicing work with our client, ensuring the project ran smoothly and met the client's specifications.


1000kg Monorail Overhead Crane System

Aug 2015

H & S Lifting designed and installed a 1000kg Capacity monorail system complete with Electric Hoist and powered drive unit.The system was installed tight up to the client existing steelwork to maximise lifting heights. A second Hoist system has since been installed as the monorail system proved so successful for our client.


Vacuum Door Lifter

July 2015

A recently installed used vacuum door lifter complete with an overhead crane system with telescopic outreach bridge beam allowed our client to reach into a CNC wood cutting machine and retract the lifting system so there is no chance of moving parts colliding and causing damage to the CNC or the lifting system. This solution allows for easy handling of heavy loads by a single operator which reduces manual handling and increases productivity.

Maximise lifting heights. A second Hoist system has since been installed as the monorail system proved so successful for our client.


14m Aluminium Moving Bridge Beam

Jan 2015

Our client asked for an overhead crane system that would cover his whole workshop without the need for any floor rmounted crane supoort structures as this would restrict the production flow process. H & S Lifting provided our client with a solution that provided exactly what he needed. With three 30m downshop rails supported from the clients overhead steelwork which then allowed a 14m Aluminium moving bridge beam to cover the whole workshop area. Our client can now lift and handle products from aywhere within the 30m x 14m area with ease and without any obstruction to the production process.


Pneumatic Air Balancer

Jan 2016

One of our clients was in need of a speedy lifting solution with precise movement and location for liftIng and handling precision components from a conveyor, and located onto a jig assembly. H & S Lifting Solutions Ltd provided our client with a pneumatic air balancer, allowing the operator to lift the product using a specially designed lifting tool with the air balancer doing the raising and lowering of the product. The benefits of using an Air Balancer in this case was the fact the operator had to locate the precision component into holes on the jig assembly. The air balancer allows for 300mm of effortless movement, allowing the operator to position the component onto to the jig then finally using both hands to locate precisely to the jig assembly. The solution offered was quick, precise and just needed compressed air. The air balancer was located on an overhead light duty aluminium crane system allowing for very easy maneuverability within the working area of the overhead crane.


Granite/Stone Vacuum Lifter

Nov 2015

H & S Lifting were given the opportunity by our client to provide an overhead crane system with a vacuum lifting device to lift various size granite sheets weighing up to 300kg from a main A-frame assembly to a work bench. H & S Lifting provided our own-design overhead aluminium crane system, which is very smooth running and easy to manoeuvre heavy products around a working area with minimal effort. The vacuum lifting system provided was an electrical vacuum system with multi adjustable suction pads that allowed the operator to lift various size granite sheets. The vacuum lifter had to be designed to lift and rotate the granite sheets through 90 degrees to meet the client’s specific requirements. This was done using an electrically operated cylinder and switch allowing for controlled rotation of the heavy granite sheets. Obviously, in the environment where granite is being cut, there is a need to have a water cooling system, so we provided a water separator to prevent moisture getting any of the electrical control units. The installation was a success and allowed the client to use one operator to lift and manoeuvre heavy granite sheets within the overhead crane working area with ease, in a safe manner.


Rotating Vacuum Lifting Unit

Oct 2015

Manual handling of wooden panels weighing up to 90kg is always a difficult applicatio as it usually means more than one operative to lift the board required. H & S Lifting solved the problem for our client by installing a vacuum lifting unit that a single operator could use to lift the boards, but also rotate through 90 degrees to allow inspection and assist with loading a paint line production assembly. Now the process is simplified and means our client has increased productivity, reduced manual labour and also manual handling has been eliminated, making the process easier for operators.