Industrial Swing Jib Cranes

At H&S Lifting Solutions, we have been manufacturing and installing a wide range of jib cranes and support columns for years. Some of the products that we have manufactured in the past include:

  • Light duty aluminium Jib cranes from 1m to 6m radius with various steel support structures
  • Heavy duty aluminium jib cranes from 1m to 6m radius suitable for lifting weights up to 500kg with various steel structure supports
  • Mild steel Jib cranes and support structures from 1m to 6m radius and maximum of 500kg lifting capacity
  • Under-braced and over-braced I section jib cranes from 1m to 6m up to 1000kg lifting capacity
  • Specially designed multi purpose jib cranes with articulation to fit the clients’ requirements

We can design and install all kinds of swing jibs to ensure that you have a system that is perfect for your specifications.