Vacuum Lifting in Newcastle

For lifting equipment in Newcastle, look no further than H&S Lifting. With a wealth of experience in the industry, we have manufactured and installed cutting-edge vacuum lifting equipment throughout Europe, ensuring that the high standards we set ourselves are met across all projects.

We strive to make sure that businesses are able to streamline their workloads, with time and labour savings made possible by our specialist lift technologies. What’s more, we provide a quick turnaround, guaranteed quality and accredited safety standards with all our products, as well as offering professional maintenance and servicing packages.

Electric Hoists in Newcastle

For heavy loads, an intelligent lifting solution is required. This is where electric hoists come in. H&S Lifting install and service electric hoists all across Newcastle, ensuring that efficiency and safety standards are improved across all premises.

So, whether you need an electric hoist, vacuum lift or light duty overhead crane, we can help. Give H&S Lifting a call today.